2018 Spring

Coming Soon to a parking lot near you!

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For the Spring we will run when we meet our minimum ridership number of 4 paid riders per shuttle.

Not seeing the shuttle you want and it is a scheduled release date? Give us a call at 530-303-2404 let us see if we can work something out for you.

To see the release schedule visit Dreamflows


9:00 Chili Bar – 
4 Pre-Paid Riders Minimum to put this shuttle on the road
9:00am   Departure from Camp Lotus – lower parking lot
9:15am   Departure from Henningsen Lotus Park
9:30am  Departure from Marshall Gold Discovery Park
10:00am Arrival at Chili Bar

11:30 Gorge – Skunk Hollow Run 
4 Pre-Paid Riders Minimum to put this shuttle on the road
11:30pm Departure from Skunk Hollow
11:50pm Departure from Greenwood Creek
12:00pm Arrival to the Coloma Lotus area

4:30 Gorge – Skunk Hollow Run 
4 Pre-Paid Riders Minimum to put this shuttle on the road
4:30pm Departure from Skunk Hollow
4:50pm Departure from Greenwood Creek
5:00pm Arrival to the Coloma Lotus area




Please note that the time listed at each location is our DEPARTURE time.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to help keep the shuttle on schedule and running smoothly.

Cost is 10.00 per person per run.  We offer a full river option for 15.00 per person, a credit of $5.00 per person will be applied to your credit card after confirmation of (2) same day (Chili Bar and Skunk Hollow) shuttles have been booked.

If the times listed above do not fit into your plans, we are still running Private Shuttles during the season.

Cafe Punch Card

For every 10 rides you book, you will get 1 free ride for the 2018 season with our punch card.  Ask the driver for a card when you get on the shuttle.

Card rules:

  • You are responsible to ask for a card and you must keep your card with you.
  • You will receive one punch for every RESERVATION under your name. Full river runners receive only one punch for both sections ran in the same day.
  • The driver will punch your card.
  • Free rides will not be issued without a punch card turned into our office. You must present your card to the driver at the time of pick up or drop off.
  • Once you reached 10 punches, turn your card into the drive and contact us at the office to book your free trip. YOU MUST CONTACT US FOR THIS RESERVATION.
  • Card expires at the end of the current calendar year.

If you received a discount on your booking no punches will be issued. For example, if you booked a full van your trip was already discounted 20.00, so no punch card will be punched.

Some Simple Rules to follow… Please!

Late to the Shuttle?
Our shuttles are scheduled to depart the location at the time listed on our website.  If you have made reservations and prepaid we ask that you arrive at your stop early.  In the event that you are late, the shuttle driver will check with other riders about waiting another 5 minutes before departing.  Please remember we are on a schedule and we have other stops that we need to make and 5 minutes is the most we can wait for late arrivals.  If you are running late, you may try to reach us at 530-303-2404 to see if you can get on at a different stop.  If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.

Dogs on the Shuttle
Please remember we love dogs, but not everyone else does.  The policy that we have in place for dogs riding the shuttle is to help keep all our riders safe.  If you are bringing a dog with you, and you are booking a reservation you must tell us before your shuttle run or you will be turned away and no refund will be given. Your dog may ride the shuttle if they are in a small carrier and they must be held in the lap of an adult.  They may not be free roaming.  They may not sit on the seats or block any aisle.  We will go over the policy with you and determine if your dog will be able to ride the shuttle.  These policies are in place to protect both the riders & the shuttle service.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Food & Drink in the Shuttle
After a long day on the water we understand you may want to snack on the way back to your car. Please be careful not to make a mess in the van. If you spill something let the driver know so that it can be cleaned up promptly. Our permit does not allow open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages while being shuttled by us. You will be asked to either finish it or pour it out before boarding the shuttle.

Tobacco use in shuttle…
There is no smoking or tobacco use in the shuttle.