Map with Shuttle Stops

Below are the Shuttle Stops (pick-up locations) on a map of Coloma and Lotus. You can use Google Maps to get directions from where you are.

Coloma Shuttle Route Pick-up Locations

Henningsen-Lotus Park: The loading zone is just past the river’s edge by the electrical outlet. Please remember to pay your user fees at the booth. ($5.00 per raft & $1.00 per kayak)

Marshall Gold Discovery State Park: North Beach loading zone near the ranger booth. Please pay your parking/user fees of $10.00 at the booth.

Skunk Hollow: Loading zone along the center block wall. If leaving a car here, you will need to self-register and pay at the iron ranger in the parking lot.

Greenwood Creek: In the paved parking lot at the far end, by the brown gate. Please do not block the gate. Google maps will send you on a wild goose chase. Greenwood Creek River Access is located on Highway 49 just 3 miles north of the 3 way flashing stoplight at the Coloma Club on your way to Cool from Coloma.

Camp Lotus: Lower parking kiddy corner to the bathrooms. Put in & Take out fees apply.   (available upon special request only)

Coloma Resort: The pickup location is next to the outdoor kitchen/dining area. And is only available for guests of Coloma Resort. (must be prearranged & upon special request only)

American River Resort: Sorry to say as of June 2021 we are no longer picking up or dropping off at ARR.