Map with Shuttle Stops

Below are the Shuttle Stops (pick-up locations) on a map of Coloma and Lotus. You can use Google Maps to get directions from where you are.

Coloma Shuttle Route Pick-up Locations

River Park Village: Around the center grassy island / waterfall near post office. Do not park directly in front of any business or you may be towed. Ask the Shuttle Driver for your parking pass. You must display the daily parking pass on your dash. Currently not available for Put in or Takes Outs – while there is construction on the bridge.

Henningsen-Lotus Park: The loading zone just past the river’s edge by the electrical outlet. Please remember to pay your user fees at the booth. ($5.00 per raft & $1.00 per kayak)

Marshall Gold Discovery State Park: North Beach loading zone near the ranger both. Please pay your user fees at the booth.

Skunk Hollow: Loading zone along the center block wall. If leaving a car here you will need to self-register and pay at the iron ranger in parking lot.

Greenwood Creek: Green gate at the end of the parking lot by the information kiosk. Please do not block the gate. Google maps will send you on a wild goose chase. Greenwood Creek River Access is located on Highway 49 – 3 miles north of the 3 way stop light at the Coloma Club on your way to Cool from Coloma.

Camp Lotus: Lower parking lot near the volleyball courts. Put in & Take out fees apply. (available upon special request only)

Coloma Resort: Pickup location is by the old general store front. Only available for guest of Coloma Resort. (available upon special request only)

American River Resort: Next to the pond just past the entrance to park. Only available for guest of ARR. (available upon special request only)