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Kudos and acknowledgements to Liz Carr, administrator for the Coloma Shuttle, who is always listening to the people she serves and has written most of the content for the website with their needs in mind.

Photography Credits

The Coloma-Lotus area is blessed with beautiful vistas, exciting adventures, and several superb photographers who continually capture its beauty and action. We thank you for allowing us to use your photographs to dress up our website and show off the river and the valley.

Website Development

The website was based on an original design by Jonathan Kurten, and was developed by Donna McMaster.

The site was built using WordPress and Piklist, on the Bootstrap responsive framework.

The reservation system was developed by Donna with assistance from Kevin Miller of P51 Labs, Inc.. It is built on WooCommerce.

Thanks and acknowledgments to the open source communities and other developers who create and support these powerful and freely available tools.