Shuttle News & What’s Up With The Water

Well, we had another great weekend on the shuttle and that is all thanks to you – our wonderful riders.

As we all know this winter storms were a little lacking in Precip and thus our reservoirs are low, and we are in a Critically Dry water year. We have all been waiting for the news on what we can expect for summer flows here on the SFA. And that news came out today. And here is what we know.

From now to Memorial Day weekend we will have water releases on Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9-12 at 1300 CFS. Yep, you heard that right for the next couple of weeks we will not have a guaranteed flow on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays. And the weekend flow will be at 1300.

But the good news out of all of this is starting Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day the only two days we will not have water is on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Monday, Thursday & Friday starting May 31st, 9:00-12:00 1300 CFS out of Chili Bar.

Saturday & Sundays starting May 29th, 7:00-12:00 1300 CFS

CLICK here for the flow release schedule as of May 10th, 2021