Late to your Shuttle

You are out on the river enjoying the beautiful river valley and all of sudden you realize you are not going to make your shuttle departure time.

What to do, What to do?

When you schedule a shuttle you schedule a specific time for your pick up. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your departure time to help keep the shuttle on time. Lately we are experiencing a high number of extremely late riders on our Gorge shuttles causing departure issues. When riders show up late we cannot promise that there will be a shuttle waiting for you. Sometimes we can accommodate late rider but lots of times we cannot due to other shuttles scheduled out behind you. 

So as a courtesy to all of our shuttles riders we are reminding you of our policy. 

1- Please arrive at the take out 10 minutes early 

2- Be ready to help load the gear so that our shuttle can stay on schedule for the remainder of the day 

3- If you miss your shuttle due to being late no refunds or credits will be issued and you will be responsible for your own ride

Remember staying on schedule is important to maintain a smooth shuttle service that everyone can count on. 

Thank you for your understanding on this, we appreciate your business.

You can see all of our shuttle policies HERE