2016 Shuttle Season coming to an end.

Good Evening Everyone-

My goal of 4000 riders (currently 3700) is a long shot and I know that. But one can hope can’t they? Anyway below is some very important shuttle info so keep reading.

1-The shuttle will run each weekend in November as long as we meet our minimum number of 4 paid riders. So far that has not been an issue even on the rainy days.

2-November 27th will be our last shuttle for 2016. If you have a punch card with a free ride for this season remember it expires at the end of this year.

3-I am hoping to resume shuttles in February or March depending on weather and of course the request for rides.

4-Click here to see our current shuttle offerings https://colomashuttle.com/weekly-update/

5-Head on over to our reservation page to book your seats at https://colomashuttle.com/reservations/

Once again thanks for your continued support of the shuttle program and we hope to see you soon.