November 2016 News

Hi Paddlers,

Based on some of the survey feedback I am going to try and put the shuttle news first then the fun fact or story below as it may relate to the shuttle. If you like it this new way or if you prefer the old way please let me know. Only a few people requested this and I am just trying it out. 

Onto shuttle news.

We are still here shuttling paddlers back and forth. Even on the rainy weekends you have not let me down. This coming weekend is looking pretty good with temps as of now predicted in the low 70’s and sunny.

So, here we are in November 2016 and our shuttles will be offered on Saturday & Sundays. Currently we have our 9:00 Chili Bar run & 11:30 Gorge run up online for you to book your seats. Please remember we need a minimum of 4 riders by 5pm the day before to make sure the shuttle is a go. Sign up early – lets say by Thursday –  then both you & I won’t wonder if it is happening or not.

To book your seats online visit

To see what is currently being offered head on over to

So far for 2016 we have shuttled 3600+ riders along our little river valley. Thank you to each and everyone of you who help to reduce our carbon footprint. You are all AWESOME. I am getting closer to my goal for 2016 of 4000+ riders but I think we will be shy of that number. So why not jump on the shuttle and get me closer. Although we are happy with our numbers for this year I would love to see it with more. 

We are now back down to 1 van till the spring so we can only shuttle 14 folks on each shuttle. If you are looking for something outside of what is listed on our website give me a call or shoot me an email and lets see what I can do for you.Thank you to all who are still keeping me busy this fall. Hope to see you soon.

I love this time of year! Did you have the chance to see all the pumpkins on the Hwy 49 bridge? The Coloma Lotus Community for the last 5 years have decorated the bridge with carved pumpkins. We place them out the night before Halloween (10/30) light them up and have a small gathering. Last year the count was over 200. If you would like to see photos of this, send me an email & I will send you some photos.