Current Comments from Customers

Davide S. write:

Thanks for accommodating us.
We are still fairly new to river paddling and definitely new to the SFA, and I just want you to know how much we appreciate your service to the paddling community. Looking ahead at the scheduled weekend releases through the winter we are very excited at the opportunities we will have to get on the river!

Beth R says: Liz and Coloma Shuttle provide an amazing service for rafters and kayakers on the South Fork American River. Liz is very responsive to requests, and does her best to accommodate last minute changes. The addition of the Coloma Shuttle to the valley has completely changed the nature of paddling on the SFA as now the shuttle is a breeze! Thanks

Susan C comments:

Thanks for the great service you provided for our group. Punctual and professional! We will see you next year.

 Laurel H says:

Thanks so much for the shuttle service, it definitely makes it possible for us to get out on the water together as a family. Such a great day on the river!! Here is a photo of my kids that came along yesterday, their first time down The Gorge! They did amazing, a couple of combat rolls, and tons of smiles and hugs.

Such a great day on the river!!