We’re Back!

Folks we are back in service starting April 9th, 2016. We would like to thank the AQMD department for renewing our 2 year grant. What does this mean to you? Well, as long as we have riders wanting a ride we can shuttle you thru December 2017. Meaning no waiting to get back on the road for us next spring.

New this season we will have a second van & trailer running on the weekends and also available for midweek large groups. Thanks to you for all your support these past 3 years AQMD sees the value in our service and is welling to support us and our cause to reduce the carbon footprint in our little valley.

We are also looking at the Slab Creek & Icehouse runs this year. We are currently working with USFS, BLM, SMUD & AWA to figure out how to make our services an option for you our boaters. Stay tune as soon as we know we will let you all know. I promise!

Lastly, its been a nice long year off for me. And I am really looking forward to being back to work this summer coordinating the shuttle service. Thank you for your support both personal and business. I really appreciate all of you.