It’s good to be back in service!!

Wow I cannot believe the response to our first weekend of shuttles for 2016. On Saturday we had two runs going a 9:00 Chili Bar with 4 riders & a 5:00 Skunk Hollow run with 9 riders. Then today we had a 9:00 Chili Bar with 8 riders.

Folks if you are looking for a certain shuttle but do not see it listed on the reservation or weekly schedule pages – contact me at 530-303-2404. As long as we have 4 paid riders we can put it on the schedule.

This is just a reminder that a FULL river run cost $15.00 per person & can be booked in advance by contacting us at the office and then booking your shuttle in one of the following ways.

  • 1- Book a same day morning Chili Bar run @ $10.00 per person getting on the shuttle in Coloma/Lotus area then booking an afternoon Skunk Hollow run @ $10.00 per person taking you back to the Coloma/Lotus area. Once confirmation of both payment are processes we will issue you a credit of $5.00 per person back to your credit card.
  • 2- A custom shuttle from Skunk to Chili Bar is available please contact the office for cost & minimum riders numbers on this option.

Now on another note. Slab Creek you are asking and we are working on it. Stay tuned for more info coming in the next week.

Thanks everyone for your support.