2016 Shuttle Operations

We are awaiting word from AQMD about our 2016/2017 contract.  We will keep everyone posted about our operations and when we will be starting our shuttle services back up in 2016.  Thank you all for your continued support and the shuttle program has grown each year. We are hoping to obtain a second van and trailer this year which will add to our capacity and ability to shuttle even more users throughout the season.  We had many full shuttles each weekend and a 2nd van would be extremely helpful.

We are also looking at accommodating mountain bike riders and hikers from the lower Salmon Falls Trail and will be doing shuttles through the middle of the day for riders that request those shuttles.

Expanding our program to accommodate more users in a variety of manners meets our goals of taking more cars off the roads, and reducing the carbon emissions in our valley.  Thank you all for your help in doing this and for your continued support.

Have a great winter season and we look forward to seeing you again in 2016.  Hope for lots of snow so our spring boating season will be fun!