BOOP and the Shuttle

Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9, 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes the sixth installment in Fleischer’s Talkartoon series. Although Clara Bow is often given as being the model for Boop, she actually began as a caricature of singer Helen Kane. The character was originally created as an anthropomorphic French poodle. Max Fleischer finalized Betty Boop as a human character in 1932. Betty Boop is regarded as one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen she is a symbol of the Depression era, and a reminder of the more carefree days of Jazz Age flappers. Her popularity was drawn largely from adult audiences, and the cartoons, while seemingly surreal, contained many sexual and psychological elements, particularly in the “Talkartoon,” Minnie the Moocher, featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra. For Betty Boop her film career lasted 9 years from 1930-1939. The Betty Boop comic strip by Bud Counihan (assisted by Fleischer staffer Hal Seeger) was distributed by King Features Syndicate from 1934 to 1937. From 1984 to 1988, a revival strip with Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and Felix, was produced by Mort Walker’s sons Brian, Neal, Greg, and Morgan.

Betty Boop made a comeback in the mid 50’s, 70’s & 80’s. WOW the legend never dies!

Much like the Coloma Shuttle –

We are a legend in our own minds as too also with our loyal riders. We are here to serve our boating community now and for as long as we can. With your continued support we have moved 1,362 (this season so far) passengers up and down the South Fork of the American River.

In this our 3rd year of service we are still rolling strong. If you haven’t checked out our website lately – you should, we made some updates to our home page to answer some of the most common questions

We are working on getting our second trailer & van for the next year. Did you know we are asking you our riders to help design what you think would be the ultimate trailer? One that can carry Kayaks, Rafts & Bikes. And who is best to give us some feedback but for you. For more information on this please visit

We will be working on submitting our next round of grant proposal to the Air Quality Management District for the next couple of years. As always we would love to include your comments in our proposal so please feel free to take the time to write a quick email, or send us a letter, or go to our contact page and submit your comment there under the subject line please put “For
2016 grant proposal”.

To check out our up to the moment open shuttles visit

To book your seat you can do this here
As always we are ready to take your call at 530-303-2404 or answer your email at

Please keep in mind, if you wait till the end of the week to book your seat the shuttle you wish you could get on might be sold out. So book early to guarantee your spot on the shuttle.

As always have a great day on the water and we appreciate YOU ALL.
The “CSC” Coloma Shuttle Crew