2016 Coloma Shuttle Trailer Design Giveaway Contest.

Free Private (14 passenger) Shuttle or 10 Free Individual Shuttles for 2016.

Do you have what it takes to design a shuttle trailer? If we chose your design you will win our 2016 Coloma Shuttle Trailer Design Giveaway Contest.

The Coloma Shuttle has received approval to purchase a new trailer for our shuttle program and our goals are to have a custom shuttle made that #1 holds all of your boats and gear effectively without damage and #2 to make this trailer rig as light weight as possible. Our current trailer is doing the job although the weight is a constant issue with vehicle maintenance and fuel (which is something we and our program aspire to reduce).

The Coloma Shuttle is also looking into expanding our recreational users and has ideas of turning our current trailer into a shuttle for bikers using the American River Trail. We would like for this trailer to be a multi-use trailer that can easily convert back to a “boater’s trailer” when we are in need of 2 shuttles during the boating season.

Most of you have taken our shuttle before so you already know what you have to work with in terms of the current design and structure for the conversion to carrying bikes. If you haven’t already seen the shuttle trailer there is a picture of it on our home page @ https://colomashuttle.com/ Please note that the grand prize is not for helping us with suggestions of conversion of this trailer, but for designing our new trailer.

Things to keep in mind while you are putting pencil to paper for the new trailer.

1. We are looking for a trailer design that can transport as many
kayaks as possible (we are able to carry 12 now with the trailer we currently are using), each with their own support/rack/bin system so that they can be easily loaded and unloaded.

2. The transport system has to be a secure and safe method to avoid
any possible damage to the boats.

3. We are looking for an area to rig rafts with a roller system for
easy loading and unloading. We are now able to take up to 3 rafts (1 inflated and 2 deflated on the top of our trailer.)

4. Don’t forget about the oar racks, paddles, ice chests and all the
other gear that comes along for the ride.

5. In addition to the boaters needs, we would somehow like to add bike
racks to this trailer. Maybe on the front and back of the trailer?

6. The construction needs to be of light weight metal, easy to repair
and durable to last us many years.

So put on your thinking caps, email me your ideas, drafts and or pictures ASAP so that we can get approval to have the trailer made before the end of the winter.