Extra Extra – Read all about

Have you ever wondered where the term “Extra Extra- Read all about it” came from?  Well I am here to give you that information.

During the nineteenth century, there were fewer newspaper subscribers due to the scarcity of roads and the inadequate vehicles. People bought papers from men and boys standing on city corners. When an event occured that was of great interest to readers; an extra edition was, at times, necessary. The timing of printing the normal edition required a day to gather facts and write articles. An Extra edition meant something had occured and new news is valuable news. The “paper-boys” having sold their stock of everyday newspapers could sell an Extra edition and make more money. The term “Extra, Extra read all about it!” was their way of enticing readers to spend another nickle for the edition. The phrase was popularized in movies of the fifties to add drama to a story line. 

So why is this of importance to you?  Well I like to think that you have bounced around our little website here and found our weekly updates. A place where you can go for up to date info on what is scheduled out for the next week.  You can find it under our Schedule tab or click here.

Here is some more feedback on our shuttle program from riders like you.

On Jul 7, 2014, at 10:47 AM, Bill G: Thanks again for an excellent service Liz.  It’s much appreciated and enjoyed. It saves gas, cars on the road and sets a good precedent. Way to lead the way!