We are closed for the winter and will resume operations in April or May 2015

The Coloma Shuttle is funded by a grant from the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District and will be managed and operated by the non-profit American River Recreation Association (ARRA). Read more about the Shuttle program and its mission.

This year we were awarded a 2-year grant covering 2014 & 2015 season.  We look forward to serving our river community once again. We encourage your constructive feedback to help make the program better and appreciate any help that people are willing to offer to reach these goals.

Our online reservation system is up and running – head right to the page by clicking here http://colomashuttle.com/reservations/ to book your ride.

To make reservations for FULL RIVER TRIP contact us directly at 530-303-2404 or  by email

Daily Membership

A $10.00 membership allows one shuttle pickup per member for that day.

A $15.00 membership allows one member an upper & lower pickup (aka: Full river shuttle). Total cost on a full river pickup is $15.00 and must be booked thru our office in advance. Please contact Liz at 530-303-2404 or email.

Your membership fee includes your Chili Bar Put-in fees. Please see the shuttle schedule.

If you are requesting a drop off for getting on the water at either Henningsen Lotus Park or Marshall Gold Discovery Park you are responsible to pay the booth attendant your put in fees. If you have questions about this please contact Liz at 530-303-2404 or email.

If you make a reservation, your seat is guaranteed. Without a reservation, pickup at shuttle stops depends on availability.  Please view our cancellation policy below.

Cafe Punch Card

This year we will be offering Café Punch style cards.  For every 10 reservations you book, you will get 1 free ride for the 2014 season.  Ask your driver for a card when you get on the shuttle.

Card rules:

• You will receive one punch for every RESERVATION under your name.

• You must present your card to the driver at the time of pick up or drop off & the driver will punch your card.

• Once you reached 10 punches contact us at the office to book your free trip.  YOU MUST CONTACT US FOR THIS RESERVATION.

Large Group & Contracted Shuttles

We offer a discount to groups of 14. The reservation must be under one name & pre paid in full at the time of booking.  Contact us at the office to hear more about this option.

Contracted shuttles are available for various groups.  Please contact our office for reservations and pricing.

Cancellation Policy

All shuttle reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable. When making a reservation or contracted shuttle, you are reserving a spot for yourself and your guests, which limit available seats for others. We are working diligently to accommodate as many requests and needs as possible while at the same time covering our costs of running the shuttle program.  Late or no-show reservations are not refunded.

Less then 72 hours notice = cancellation fee of 100% of amount collected.
72+ hours prior to trip = cancellation fee of 50% of amount collected.

Please check here for additional policies on riding the shuttle.