Sorry for 2019 the Cafe Punch Card has been suspended due to fraudulent activity. 

For every 10 rides you book, you will get 1 free ride for the 2018 season with our punch card.  Ask the driver for a card when you get on the shuttle.

Card rules:

  • You are responsible to ask for a card and you must keep your card with you.
  • You will receive one punch for every RESERVATION under your name. Full river runners receive only one punch for both sections ran in the same day.
  • The driver will punch your card.
  • Free rides will not be issued without a punch card turned into our office. You must present your card to the driver at the time of pick up or drop off.
  • Once you reached 10 punches, contact us at the office to book your free trip. YOU MUST CONTACT US FOR THIS RESERVATION.
  • Card expires at the end of the current calendar year.

If you received a discount on your booking no punches will be issued. For example, if you booked a full van your trip was already discounted $20.00, so no punch card will be punched.