2018 Shuttle Service Begins

First off thanks to Air Quality Management District for another wonderful 2-year grant to fund the shuttle program for 2018 & 2019. And thanks for all the calls & emails of folks wanting to utilize the shuttle service this winter. … Continued

Coming Soon to a Parking Lot Near You

We are happy to say that we just got news that our grant was approved for another 2 years through El Dorado County Air Quality Management District. With this grant we are able to keep our shuttle rides down to … Continued


Hypothermia Don’t be afraid to speak up and take action. With the early spring like conditions and increase of boaters and swimmers on the river this year, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to be … Continued

October Shuttle Service

Here it is October 2017 the shuttle is still up and running on days we have a flow release. You can see that information at Chili Bar Release. During the Fall, Winter & Spring months we do have a minimum … Continued

SFA Lost & Found

Have you lost some boating gear on the SFA this year or found someone else gear? A good source to find the rightful owner is The River Store in Lotus CA (530)626-3435. You can also shoot me an email and … Continued

January 9th, 2017 Flood Photos

Check out these photos from this weekends rains. If you are heading out to boat please be careful and boat with friends. Slab Creek over the dam

2016 Shuttle Season coming to an end.

Good Evening Everyone- My goal of 4000 riders (currently 3700) is a long shot and I know that. But one can hope can’t they? Anyway below is some very important shuttle info so keep reading. 1-The shuttle will run each … Continued

November 2016 News

Hi Paddlers, Based on some of the survey feedback I am going to try and put the shuttle news first then the fun fact or story below as it may relate to the shuttle. If you like it this new … Continued